Time Machines: Get Down and Cut Ups

So, The Get Down. There are some subtle but persistent magical themes going on in the narrative. There are the top-hatted alien and minor characters with names like ‘Thor’*; there is the tension between ecstasy and devotion**; but right now I want to point out the way art, history, and music play out as aspects of time (magic).


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How Things Hang Together

Thanks to Warren Ellis, I found myself on the Paris Review website wandering through their Art of Fiction interviews archive. I was drawn to the 1960s archives, stumbling over interviews to some folks who have played key, if not necessarily prominent, roles in my spiritual development: Jorge Luis Borges, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Frost, and William S. Burroughs (whose influence is the most indirect). There are more there, but sheesh, I have to eat, sleep, and work sometime. Beside that these are all men (which is interesting in a way I’d like to address another time), these guys don’t have tons in common outside of their common participation in the writerly world. How is it that they all find their way into my spiritual life?

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