[NB] Women in the Sumerian Deadlands

Just a couple quotes. These relate to two earlier posts, one on the Sumerian diasporas and their legacy in occult thought and another discussing the way in which this material has helped illumine my own spiritual experience.

These are both from Dina Katz’s The Image of the Netherworld in Sumerian Sources. I have made some changes to her transliteration of names to avoid using special characters.

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[NB] Mother – Soul – World (More Philip K. Dick)

A truly proper notebook post here, The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick in my lap for this one. I have yet to read through it, I just crack it open and move around within it, see how it plays against or with what is going on in my work. That isn’t to say I haven’t read some big chunks of it doing that…

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