[NB] Transmissions: Pansophism, Comenius, and the English Americas

Following the ancestor nudging that kicked off an earlier post, I found myself flipping open a book that has been sitting on my shelf. It’s got some useful material about the different ways of conceiving spiritual and intellectual transmission. A little notebooking, then?

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Plato, oh Plato

I recently saw a quote from Plato’s Phaedrus pass through Jack Faust’s tumblr (forgive me for not digging down for the post because, ugh, Tumblr is not an archive). It reminded me of all the fond memories I have for that dialogue and how it had been so long since I read it, so I pulled it off the shelf and gave it a whirl.

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A Vision: Intimacy versus Secrecy

The history of civilization is a river on whose waters soldiers and politicians are fighting and shedding ballots and blood; but on the banks of the river, people are raising children, building homes, making scientific inventions, puzzling about the universe, writing music and literature.–Will Durant

One of the charms of W. B. Yeats’s first effort to publish A Vision is its framing narrative, a work of fiction equal to the magical realists who would follow after him. The origin of that frame, though, derives from an injunction imparted by the spirits that the work as a whole was to remain secret. While George herself was opposed to the publication in general, the spirits made some allowances.

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