[PSA] New Page Category, New Page

Blogos’s comment on my last post suggested to me that there might be some room on this site for more dense philosophical work, so I figured that I would throw up a category for that (‘Big Ideas’) and kick it off with a page discussion a couple of sense of the term ‘virtual’ and their ramifications for thinking about occult work.

I hope it is useful for someone!

[NB] Yoga of Plato

I picked up a copy of David Gordon White’s The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: A Biography on Friday for the bus ride home. As I have read through his introduction to the sutra’s context, I have been surprised how familiar it is. White’s contention is that the sutra is much less significant in appreciating yoga’s history even though it has become a vitally important text in its present. In making that claim, he notes that most of the talk about the eight-fold path in yogic literature favors the account of it in the Mahabharata, not Patanjali’s.

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Esalen, California, and Speed

No, not that kind of speed. This isn’t a post about Burroughs. I’m thinking about a different sort of speed, the sort that plays a role in the thinking of Dumezil, of Deleuze and Guattari. The speed of thought, of the spirits that undergird them, of the match and mismatch of the two. Tempo, dancing, find your partner.

More than a little bit of this is about me, about how I found my tempo, but seeing that with a little more of the historical horizon in which that became possible. So, this is a bit of a messy hybrid of reading notebook and autobiography. Continue reading “Esalen, California, and Speed”