Sefer Yetzirah, thoughts

So, yeah, I have been at a fast run since stumbling into the ‘Saadia Tree‘ articulated over at Blogos, and surely been pleased as punch to see it stand up to a lot of wild pushing and shifting. But I want to come back to the Sefer Yetzirah (SY) itself for a moment and talk about why I think it is so flexible. Take this reflection for what it is, some thoughts on work in progress.

At its root, it isn’t about a diagram. The diagram is a handy mnemonic. The real force of the work for me has been the projection of the sefirot into space, time, and the body.

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As If a Tree in Spring

The grass outside my window follows the gentle slope of the earth toward the pond. Royal purple violets wind between the green blades, in some spots a trickling line, in others a meandering patch. Over the last couple of days, the dandelions have begun to lift their bright faces above the rest and the pine pollen has given the surface of the pond a sickly yellow-green sheen. The grackles flutter up and down from the trees, their tails held like the rudder of a boat and flashing iridescent green upon their throats. Here and there, the orange-breasted robins hunt for worms between violent battles with their brethren.

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New Year, shifting focus?

I ended the last year with more than a few notebook posts and I have few backed up in my drafts folder. Some of them will probably see the light of day, but I want to start cutting that circuitous historical and philosophical work with something more direct, more inline with the ritual core that defines my spiritual life (which has its share of circuitous, so more direct is a relative term).

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Neither Either/Or Nor Both/And: Turn down the contrast

I’ve been thinking about the back and forth with Andrew on my last post. I realize that I prefer to use binaries in a quite specific way that may not be obvious. It’s easy to see a binary and think dualistic, but that is a habit I would like to subvert, both in myself and others. I’m going to take a stab at describing that better.

Binary thinking can be quite powerful and deep. We seem to think fairly easily with binary structures and that seems to rest in part on our evolution, suggesting that there is some aspects to the world itself that are binary. Binary thinking is not the same thing as dualistic thinking. Binary thinking identifies poles as a means of navigating between them, establishes a plane across which we can arc. To identify two binaries is not the same thing as saying that there are only two sorts of things.

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