Ten Sefirot, One Sefirot

When the Sefer Yetzirah summarizes the essence of the sefirot, it does so by describing them as “of nothingness.” More so than any of the channels, they are united in a common being, which is no being, or a being so full that it exceeds being as a specific beings like planets and stars and animals. This nothingness divides itself and in dividing itself sets the tree in motion.

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Ten Sefirot of Nothingness

That is what the Sefer Yetzirah calls them, the ten sefirot of nothingness, these gaping indexicals through which the world is given form: this, that, here, there, now, then, next. The tree models and constitutes subjectivity, the consciousness that blooms and blossoms everywhere, in dialogue with itself, dividing and communicating.

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