[NB] Solar System as Stage

The connection between time and motion is an old one. While popular imagination tends to romanticize the sharp break around our understanding of time before and after Einstein, Einstein’s notion of relativity reformulates this deep intuition more than it overturns it (which isn’t to downplay the significance and insight of that reformulation). I wonder a bit if what Einstein can be properly said to have overturned was a specific form of Enlightenment rationalism’s peculiar abstraction of space and time.

I’m rambling a little, but I’m rambling as a way of taking the measure, so bear with me. I have been thinking about the planets and the esoteric potencies they mediate. The relationship between the system of 7 and the system of 9 is definitely part of this, but in talking about the invisible planets Uranus and Neptune, my attention is drawn to the missing stars of Kabbalism who initiate the cycle of time, after whom the Bear begins to walk and turn the cycle of time. In other words, there seems to be a cycle of 7 and 9 in the solar system seems to play out something of the changes in the stars that initiate time, time being related to the motion that the planets manifest.

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Growing the Tree of Life: Uranus and Neptune

My reading has been all over the place of late, but the last few days I have found some of that coming together around some peculiar, zigzagging relationships between myth and astronomy. I had been reading about the Basque victory over Roland from the Song of Roland because I was thinking about a sculpture from one of my alma maters. Thanks to Stranger Things, I spent a little time over on Wikipedia reading about the birth and development of Demogorgon from a scribal error to a significant player in European demonology* to a monster in Dungeons & Dragons. Thanks to the Oatmeal, I have been trying to give myself another refresher in the astronomy of our solar system.

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