More Conscious Evolution

The back and forth that kicked off yesterday’s post came at an opportune time and helped me to solidify some material that started with this post. I had wanted to develop that post more by talking about Kabbalism proper and the question as to the possible identity or distinction between sefirot and henads allowed me to do some of that.

Okay, so this is going to sound weird and science fictional, but I work with what I got. I want to talk toward a fully temporalized account of embodied intelligences in dialogue with eternity as an alternative to a holographic account of eternity projecting itself into a temporal frame generating intelligences according to eternity’s logic.

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So, thanks to Mr. Watt, I noticed that Gordon’s review of Epoch stirred up some ceremonial feathers. I have been chewing over a response to it myself, in part because everything I have read around the edges of Epoch (since I first heard about through Gordon) has made me equal parts frustrated and excited, which probably points toward some material I need to work through.

I’ll admit, though, that I was surprised to see Jupiter as the point of contention for so many people. I have a different take than Gordon, perhaps, but not so far away that Gordon’s glib summary bothered me. I read through the responses to Gordon and it seems like folks might be missing an important point:

There isn’t one Jupiter.

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The Big Spirits

One of the advantages of my quirky monotheism is that I don’t tend to be bothered over-much by the tendency of spirits to blend into each other. To my way of thinking, the blurring that occurs between spirits is a necessary aspect of creation itself, of existing in dispersal but having an indelible root in God as an aboslute source of unity. Since we aren’t God, we only ever appreciate that unity in a limited fashion.

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