Geomantic Gimel (Jupiter, Thursday, Mouth)


Geomantic laetitia.svg          Geomantic tristitia.svg

Within the planetary circuit, Gimel follows Bet and precedes Dalet. In the sequence of the week it follows Resh and precedes Pe. Upon the plane of orifices that constitute the face, Gimel speaks within the mouth. Within the Tree of Life, it is the highest double upon the pillar of mercy, crowned with Chokmah and resting upon Chesed. In all of these assemblages, it finds expression through the geomantic figures of Laetitia and Tristitia.

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Shield Chart–Tree of Life Conversion?

There are a few geomantic charts that I have taken over the years to which I will return. They were the ones taken at key moments or directed toward understanding important elements of my spiritual work. Sometimes, when I feel like I need to pay especial attention to one, I will recopy it and walk through the mathematics of it. It sounds silly, I know, because the chart is right in front of me, but the act of thinking it through again with eye and hand deepens my appreciation of what is going on in the chart.

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“I do not like the way they treat the stuffed animals”

The night before I finished off yesterday’s post, I had a dream. The fog was thick and heavy, my partner and I were stopping by the gas station before swinging back by the mall to pick up my mother. I recognize a woman in the gas station (she is a librarian in life, but in the dream she was making a little extra as a janitor). While we are talking, she points to a rack of barely sketched in stuffed Halloween animals and says, “I do not like the way they treat the stuffed animals.”

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The Path of the Spark

I have been contemplating that sense I have that the ‘ideal’ tree of life is mostly a ghost or hologram of other trees, except for its middle pillar. That pillar is dominated by Tifaret and Yesod, sefirot linked to the Sun and Moon, respectively. Here I want to explore how the use of these prominent heavenly objects to symbolize Tifaret and Yesod provide an illuatration of how these spiritual forces operate within the unfolding pattern of creation.

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