[NB] Cybele to Eve: Working the Folkloric Operating System

In a couple of posts a little bit back, I mentioned that I found the Tet/Yud permutation particularly interesting in contemplation. A few days ago, while reading through one of the articles in Anatolian Interfaces, I came across a story about a gallos that informs it.

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[NB] Holy Mother: Bulls, Vultures, Venus

Apparently, I’m all about the library angels these last couple of posts.

While I was picking up a copy of Chesnut’s Devoted to Death for my partner, another book caught my eye. It turned out to be some existential / therapeutic examination of death, but it opened with an epigraph about Çatalhöyük, describing the centrality of the bull and the vulture to the imagery of the so-called ‘great goddess.’ I would have shrugged it off had I not turned around and come face to face with Michael Rice’s The Power of the Bull in which Çatalhöyük gets its own chapter.

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