[NB] Education, the Communal Body

So, this post is meant to be something of a response to two posts (here and here) over on Hermetic Lessons, a continuation of the discussion started on an earlier post on this blog. Reading those posts, I am starting to see that there are a few intuitions we share, as well as a few on which we diverge.  Categorized as a notebook to emphasize that this is one more contingent mask through which I’m thinking.

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Gnostic traditions have a habit of forming lineages, lines of succession, through which the spiritual charge and secret knowledge are passed. Those are good things. They preserve methods for intensifying the spark’s activity within its coil and, when things go really well, provide connections to spirits who have been doing this sort of work for a while. Some of those operate in plain sight while others operate in a more sub rosa fashion. Some of these traditions are well aware of the gnostic nature of their work while others have had it comingled and confused with other things. And so it goes. As these gnostic traditions form the more stable vehicles of gnosis, they have also played a large role in shaping our ideas about how gnostic work should operate.

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