Color line revisited: past, present, and future

In general, I enjoy reading John Michael Greer’s Archdruid Report. He’s got a take that I appreciate. The last few posts have been something of an exception to that, though, in their inability to confront the color line (as spiritual and material reality) as it bears on the future he is trying to sketch out. He loses touch with a moral thread in U.S. history, over-emphasizing abstract patterns rather than the concrete actions fo individuals that give those patterns shape.

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What is(n’t) Religion?

This may be one of my favorite posts from John Michael Greer in a while (and he has had a few really good ones lately, so that says something). It and the comments have set me thinking. In general, I tend to agree with Greer almost as much as I disagree with him (I’m stubborn, ornery, and peculiar, so that says more about me than Greer). Some of that is temperamental, some of it philosophical. Like Thjis in the comments to this post, though, I think that accepting the sort of model Greer describes here makes it more difficult to accept some of his previous accounts of progress as a religion.

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