[NB] Virtual World

[This is the first of the pages being fed back into the blog. It’s a bit heady, but it has some bearing on the matter of correspondences which I will be talking about in the near future.]

I picked up the idea of the virtual from Gilles Deleuze and it is a concept that has much utility as we set out to discuss what it means to talk about the spiritual world. On this page, I am going to provide a brief introduction to the concept and its applications to occult philosophy. To get at this Deleuzian approach to the virtual I will need to do four things:

  1. distinguish this use of the term from another popular use of the term.
  2. define this term.
  3. detail the relationship between the two uses of the term which partially justifies the same word being applied to both.
  4. highlight how all of this can inform occult thinking.

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[PSA] New Page Category, New Page

Blogos’s comment on my last post suggested to me that there might be some room on this site for more dense philosophical work, so I figured that I would throw up a category for that (‘Big Ideas’) and kick it off with a page discussion a couple of sense of the term ‘virtual’ and their ramifications for thinking about occult work.

I hope it is useful for someone!