[NB] Evidentiary Ghosts II: Trash Heap and Salvation

“All things are lawful to me, not all things are expedient. All things are lawful to me, all things edify not.”—I Corinthians 10:23

Philip K. Dick noted that one of the first places that the spirit of salvation tends to manifest is in the trash heap. Some trashy bit of fiction, a cheap bit of jewelry, a character in a TV show, becomes illumined all out of proportion to their material presence and speaks to us. It’s the sort of thing that superficially seems to justify all sorts of pop culture magic experimentation, but if placed in the context of the ghost-ridden fallen world, speaks against such efforts.

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Geomantic Kaf (Sun, Sunday, Right Eye)


Geomantic fortunaminor.svg          Geomantic fortunamajor.svg

Within the planetary circuit, Kaf is the anchor and center for all circuits and is the interface between planets and stars. In the sequence of the week it follows Bet and precedes Tav. Upon the plane of orifices that constitute the face, Kaf defines the field of vision along with Dalet. Within the Tree of Life, it is the central element of the middle pillar, crowned with Tifaret and resting upon Yesod. In all of these assemblages, it finds expression through the geomantic figures of Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor.

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