Demogorgon and the Metaphysics of Information

I have been thinking about the Demogorgon’s birth in a scribal error alongside the Kabbalistic concern that the misuse of the alphabet can be snatched up by Satan to generate false worlds. There is that simple slip of the pen from which centuries of myth and demonolatry spring. Can we think about that slip as the action of a willful spirit eager to find a voice or a sign of the power of the letter itself, taking root in its accidental inclusion?

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A Way without a People

Recently, Andrew Watt put up a post about geomancy resources he shared with a ceremonial magic 101 Tumblr, in part in response to Gordon’s lament of the fragmentation and erasure of magical knowledge. It is a fine post for the audience, but it seems like the audience is part of the problem underlining Gordon’s lament. It is another ‘101’ affair because, well, the history of fragmentation and erasure leads us to ‘go back to basics’ constantly.

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