I favor aniconic spiritual work. While there are a few icons that have made their way into my ritual work, they are always subsumed into a ground that minimizes their presence. That reflects an aesthetic preference, but also affirms a conviction that the deeper strata of spiritual experience are fundamentally inhuman, operating at a rhythm and scale that only ever unevenly synchronizes with everyday human understanding.

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Idolatry and Mystery

We are heavy, dense, stupid. We are coils of neurons, patterns of habit, symbols distilled from our animal life. We come to spiritual work with base understanding and strain to see the highest and most subtle through it. When we pray and invoke the subtle powers, we bring them to ourselves and our weighty lives. When we do this for a long time, deeply and passionately, the mystery of that only intensifies. While we sense more clearly the vastness, the subtlety more subtle than the subtlests part of our awareness, we also discover the heaviest parts of ourselves growing bright. If we hold to the mystery, it grows more profound.

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