[NB] Geomantic Metaphors: Amissio and Acquisitio

I was thinking after the last post that it might be useful to talk a little about the place of metaphors in geomancy again. The core system is strictly mechanical and mathematical, but much of its force derives from relating the mechanical-mathematical signs to a parallel system of metaphors.

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Through Home’s Window

Die Vergangenheit führt einen heimlichen Index mit, durch den sie auf die Erlösung verwiesen wird. (The past carries with it a homing index by which it is referred to redemption.)(Walter Benjamin, Über den Begriff der Geschichte/Theses on the Philosophy of History)

It’s hard to live in the market, it’s hard to live in this world. Sometimes, thoughts of home are all that get us through it. I haven’t talked a lot about home, though. There are reasons for this, first among them that we don’t all share the same home. The elsewhere, the heaven, to which one of us returns may not be identical to the heaven to which another returns. I share the market with you, I might not share home.
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