[NB] Other Mary

Full on notebook for this one. I am going to trace a gentle line between three somewhat disparate expressions of Middle Eastern religion. There are many ways to join them, but I am looking at their being joined more so than pointing out the nature of that joining. You might want to read an earlier post first.

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Stars Unfallen

I have talked about this before, but it is worth saying in the open, away from the shelter of close reading. There is more than one (or three) way(s) to experience the intersection (and disjuntion) of heavenly and earthly forces, of spiritual and everyday life, but if I had to provide a seed phrase for my approach and my sense of things it would be:

The pact with the earth is made in the sky.

With the realization that:

The earth is a portion of the sky.

And the whole of it is in motion.

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Necronomicon as Occult Object

With the discussion of fate and destiny out of the way, let’s get back to the topic at hand. The way in which Lovecraft attempts to delimit the Necronomicon’s destiny to the literary sphere suggests a general discomfort with that destiny but an inability to sever himself from it. Not only did he make use of the text throughout his work, but he proceeded to expand its scope, putting it into communication with the literary occultism of his fellow writers, both explicitly and implicitly. Its literary fate becomes a root system, through which its destiny survives and along which it is able to flare up.

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Three Tones and a Fractal Spiritual Cosmos

I don’t know if this is just a quality of spiritualist work or of the spiritual world more generally, but every time I discover a set of domains into which spirits may be organized and understood, those domains multiply by a process of reflection and internalization. I can, for example, sort spirits according to their affinity for certain sefirotic patterns, but then I find within each of those sefirotic patterns the entire sefirotic pattern replicated. I have glimpsed a parallel pattern in the Enochian material, but I can’t speak too deeply on that and, well, I wonder how much of the Enochian material might fall into the spiritualist framework.

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