Five Books on Possession, Music, Language, and History

Remains of Ritual emphasizes, again and again, how gorovodu and religions like it are musical more than discursive. Friedson attempts to get at that through phenomenological tools, but he also works hard to give voice to gorovodu onits own terms. Reading through it right now, I’m struck by what makes music so central to this form of religiosity.

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[PSA] Further Reading

Talking about geneivat da’at, I want to get into the habit of mentioning the horizon of texts informing my thoughts more often. Here and there, I will append a ‘Further Reading’ section to a post to highlight some of what has fed my contemplation. Don’t treat these as academic citations that support what I am saying. Instead, treat them as points of access to more information about some of the material that is informing my (sometimes/often quite personal and peculiar) speculation.