Mars Won’t Judge You

I finished my first index and it helped me to notice a lacuna in my discussion of the planets. I haven’t given Mars much attention at all and that is quite an oversight. Let me start rectifying that now with this little post.

John Michael Greer notes that the mathematical operations that you use to generate a geomantic shield chart constrains the number of figures that can occupy the 15th position of the chart, the Judge. If you are in an astrological or Kabbalistic mood, you’ll notice that of all the planets with sefirotic associations have at least one sign that can play the Judge, except Mars-Geburah. Neither Puer nor Rubeus can ever appear there.

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I’m still chewing over the idea of ‘tradition’ and ‘traditional’ from yesterday and I am getting closer to the kernel of it. Talking about the difference between traditions as historical entities and traditionalism as an attitude definitely puts me on the right track. The notion that there is an attitude at the heart of my attraction to the term gets me even closer.

I can start to put on a better name on that attitude, too. Respect.

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Yourself as a Machine

I have an affection for Gurdjieff out of proportion with my estimation of him or his work. Maybe it is just that I first read about him and his work when I was young and impressionable and, well, it left an impression. If bother to move past vague affection to examine him, I am usually discomfited.

There is something decidedly cult-ish to him and at least some of that has to do with the intense loathing he directed toward the way our circumstances determine us. Gurdjieff thought that, to the extent we were determined, we were basically machines. Melodramatically, he would suggest that we were nothing more than machines unless we manage to complete the spiritual work of liberation.

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