Geomantic Kaf (Sun, Sunday, Right Eye)


Geomantic fortunaminor.svg          Geomantic fortunamajor.svg

Within the planetary circuit, Kaf is the anchor and center for all circuits and is the interface between planets and stars. In the sequence of the week it follows Bet and precedes Tav. Upon the plane of orifices that constitute the face, Kaf defines the field of vision along with Dalet. Within the Tree of Life, it is the central element of the middle pillar, crowned with Tifaret and resting upon Yesod. In all of these assemblages, it finds expression through the geomantic figures of Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor.

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[NB] MBTI / Geomancy

I have had this on the back burner for a while, so in the new year spirit of cleaning out the old, here you go.

Stacey pointed out to me this article which maps the MBTI types to the sixteen geomantic figures. I have considered making a similar effort before but come at it from a much different direction. Rather than attempt to map any sort of one-to-one figure to type correspondence, I have tried to map each type onto two figures, an ‘introverted’ figure and an ‘extroverted’ figure.

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