[NB] Aphrodisian Society

This plays against the notebook post about the great mother. I don’t want to conflate the ancient Mediterranean with the more contemporary Polynesian societies, but I think between the two we can glimpse the lineaments of a human potentiality that isn’t reducible to these specific cultural moments. I want to type it out and see where it goes. Notebooking, so don’t put too much weight on this. Similarly, try not to read this romantically, as a utopic form of social life. It isn’t; but it is another form that might inform our future.

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Plato, oh Plato

I recently saw a quote from Plato’s Phaedrus pass through Jack Faust’s tumblr (forgive me for not digging down for the post because, ugh, Tumblr is not an archive). It reminded me of all the fond memories I have for that dialogue and how it had been so long since I read it, so I pulled it off the shelf and gave it a whirl.

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[NB] Esalen, Eros, Tantra

I mentioned in a previous post that I had been reading Jeffrey Kripal’s Esalen. I am still reading it–I have started reading it straight through while still dipping in and out of whatever section catches my interest. There are a couple of through-lines that organize a somewhat disparate narrative thread and I want to jot down a few thoughts about one of them: the crossroads of sexuality, liberation, and Tantra.

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