[NB] Erasmus – Dionysus – Zebra

Okay, another PKD post coming at you, straight from the Exegesis. This one is working toward a discussion of the relationship between the discharge of the dream, the spiritualist talk of giving light, and to consider what it means to call a spirit by name from this perspective. This one is going to wade a little deeper into Dick’s wilder and contradictory speculations, so my best advice is to try and take it all in bit.

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Have you seen the light?

Let me warn you, I am still sick, writing from the end of night into the break of day. As I prepare to take some Nyquil, I think back to PKD and the darvon delivery that would change his life. I suspect most of the readers who peruse these posts will recognize that I have a lot of sympathy for Philip K. Dick. While I wouldn’t necessarily want to follow in his footsteps (man, I do not have the constitution to use drugs like that), I cannot deny that his work exerted a great deal of influence on me. I came to PKD’s work after I was well and truly chugging down my gnostic way because my partner kept nudging me to read him. “You’ll like it,” she promises. Startled probably better captures my response.

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