Mohaveh’s Cosmology

I’m weird about cosmologies. I constantly make use of them in the middle of things, as a way toward structuring a specific spiritual working, but I am suspicious of them and, to be honest, generally think of them as a bit twee and precious. When it comes down to it, though, in the grand scheme that is the shape of human endeavor. Our ideas make so much possible, but it is their fate to be dissolved in the labors of daily life, to be undone and remade.

And, if I am going to talk about Mohaveh, I have to accept that it comes wrapped in its own cosmology, even if it is the cosmology of a sea anemone, all ragged and hungry. So, let me get to that. The aim here is to provide a cosmology that is both complex and clear, instructive and useful.

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[NB] Solar System as Stage

The connection between time and motion is an old one. While popular imagination tends to romanticize the sharp break around our understanding of time before and after Einstein, Einstein’s notion of relativity reformulates this deep intuition more than it overturns it (which isn’t to downplay the significance and insight of that reformulation). I wonder a bit if what Einstein can be properly said to have overturned was a specific form of Enlightenment rationalism’s peculiar abstraction of space and time.

I’m rambling a little, but I’m rambling as a way of taking the measure, so bear with me. I have been thinking about the planets and the esoteric potencies they mediate. The relationship between the system of 7 and the system of 9 is definitely part of this, but in talking about the invisible planets Uranus and Neptune, my attention is drawn to the missing stars of Kabbalism who initiate the cycle of time, after whom the Bear begins to walk and turn the cycle of time. In other words, there seems to be a cycle of 7 and 9 in the solar system seems to play out something of the changes in the stars that initiate time, time being related to the motion that the planets manifest.

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Distinguishing Alef

A few weeks ago, I sat down on the floor to do my weekly geomantic reading. As soon as I had drawn it, I could see it was the inverse of a sign that has shown up a couple of times fairly recently. As I sat with it, absorbing the inverse image, I felt this great shift inside my body and a song started to rise up. As I hummed and began to sing it quietly, I got very hot, then very queasy.

I could feel the song catching on the inside of me, tugging, and I had a sense of where it was headed. There was brief phase of futile negotiation (maybe this can just be the subtle sort of cleanse?), followed by a some internal resistance as I huddled close to the toilet, and then I retched.

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That’s the Power of Love

Justin’s Book of Baruch affirmed Herakles as a prophet on par with the Biblical ones, a figure who was charged with bringing about the order of heaven on the earth. However, his conquest is prevented from coming to fruition by the intervention of one of the Mother’s angels, Omphale-Babel-Aphropite. According to the account of Justin that we have, this story is reported with all of the usual sexism that haunts gnosticism, but what happens if we read the story against the grain? I don’t mean simply tell it differently, but read the counter-story already entangled within the first.

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