Danger Zones

I was reading the recent post over at Hermetic Lessons and it reminded, oh, yeah, right, the Klippot, the places at which the work can take a nasty turn, and if you do the work long enough, you are going to rumble around them, risk falling into them, maybe even stumble right into them and have to make your way out (ugly scenes). That isn’t oogie-boogie scary, it’s just practical caution scary. The first time I saw them laid out neatly it was as idolatry-bloodshed–sexual perversity, but you don’t even have to squint to see Blogos’s blasphemy-insanity-sickness/death in that distinction.

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[NB] Crossroads

Sefirah should really not be conflated with sphere as it resembles more of a point, or vertex where the lines meet, a crossroads if you will.

I’m tickled to see Blogos bringing this up because I just came to this realization as I was starting to explore the diagonals of the tree of life diagram, sketching them out by themselves before reintegrating them into the tree. Drawing the sefirot as spheres serves a useful purpose in emphasizing their importance to the work of consciousness, but it distorts their place in the functioning of creation and requires the diagram to employ some awkward geometry; the tree with spheres is the Mercator projection of tree of life diagrams.

One of the things that I find interesting about the tree with sefirot as points is that it allows us to see the diagonals clearly arranged as three diamonds, setting off a crossing of horizontal and vertical lines. At the highest diamond, I suspect this crossing to be none other than Da’at, which makes the crossing in the lower diamonds to be something similar, an echo of Da’at at each level rather than as an exceptional feature of the highest elements; that has some intriguing implications.

There is also the implied four which manifests at every level except as regards the three mothers. I keep thinking about that because it suggests a way to think through what might be going on with geomancy’s relationship to the tree. If the mothers are what animates the tree, they may do so through an encounter with another structuring four that the tree itself manifests.

The sefirot as points also carries out the sefirot as time consciousness, if we understand consciousness to be a peculiar thing that relates to the underlying intellective structure of creation through an action of praise giving. The points aren’t separate from the channels that compose creation at all, they are just the points where those lines of creation are drawn together in a most dynamic fashion.