Yeatsian Arconology, pt. 2

This post won’t make sense without reading its predecessor. I am going to start where I left off there and dive right in to a discussion of the arconological manipulation of human life that the Yeatsian material describes.

This material provided me with the clearest examples of how William interacted with the spirits to shape the system in cooperation with them and with his wife’s mediumistic talents. While William is often an active questioner, this material sees William proposing terms, developing his own concepts, and querying after his sense of the matter with the spirits.

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Useful Spiritualist Concepts: A Vision Materials

The various materials surrounding A Vision are thick with theoretical and practical advice regarding spiritualist working. I can’t think of any set of materials I have ever come across that are so densely layered and useful. I thought it might be really useful to provide a list of concepts and methods for other spiritualists out there who might be interested. I might make this something of a running series, expanding to include material from well beyond the Yeatses’ little circle; we’ll see.

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