Sefer Yetzirah, thoughts

So, yeah, I have been at a fast run since stumbling into the ‘Saadia Tree‘ articulated over at Blogos, and surely been pleased as punch to see it stand up to a lot of wild pushing and shifting. But I want to come back to the Sefer Yetzirah (SY) itself for a moment and talk about why I think it is so flexible. Take this reflection for what it is, some thoughts on work in progress.

At its root, it isn’t about a diagram. The diagram is a handy mnemonic. The real force of the work for me has been the projection of the sefirot into space, time, and the body.

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The Cosmic Face of the Earth

I’ve come at this a little metaphorically before, but I want to address it more directly. When I talk about the materiality of the witch’s work, of the concrete alliances with the place and its ecosystem, that necessarily implies that the witch’s work is local. And it is. It needs to be emphasized, though, that it is a local operation undertaken with a cosmic force.

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