[NB] Distaff of the Heavens

I’m just riffing off of the recent reading and household discussion of Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years. It’s a great book and part of its strength is its strength lies in its tight focus on the archaeological record. That costs her some breadth (though it is still a broad book)—for example, there is little said about Africa, Asia, or the Americas. This is generally fine given her argument that the regions she is studying serve as the cradle of string and subsequently weaving technology. Given her deep time frame, diffusion into Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is easy enough.

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It’s all in the stars

Except when it really isn’t. I put only modest stock in astrological divination. I have, however, experienced the influence of the heavens on the unfolding of my spiritual life. If that seems contradictory to you, then read on. This is the post where I unpack that. I am going to be a little critical of astrology, but as I’ll come circle back round to, I do that to make clear what else we can get at by pushing astrology’s boundaries back.

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