The Cone of Being

I have talked about the way geometric forms manifest in spiritual work in an indirect fashion, but now I am going to talk about it more directly. Rather than observe the way in which such manifestations can be explored outside of the spiritual work, I am going to explore it from within the spiritual work. The subject of this little foray is going to be the cone.

Before focusing on the spiritual aspect of the cone, I do want to highlight how important it is to the composition of our visible world, to modernity itself. The mathematical consideration of it shapes the development of calculus and calculus shapes the course of modern science. The cone projects itself into many, many corners of our world. Its spiritual aspects are no less impressive.

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[NB] Talk to Me of Destiny

Happy New Year, peoples. In the spirit of the new year, I am going to experiment a little here, posting some much rougher entries under the category ‘Notebook.’ I plan to use this on a trial basis, so I’m not sure if the category will have staying power. I see these posts serving two uses.

First, they provide me a place to share a little of what I am reading and thinking as I am doing it and have the added bonus of showing some of my conceptual work.

Second, and more importantly, they serve to anchor some concepts I plan to use in future posts, providing a kind of dictionary to which I can link.

I’ll flag them [NB] in the title, as well as assigning them a category so they are easy to pick out, either to examine or disregard.

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