Book Shrine I

After I did the Kondo sweep of my book collection, I went through the books that I was keeping and pulled out a shelf’s worth of books to set aside. These were the books that were especially important to me, not necessarily for what they were in themselves, but for what the represented and for how they spoke to each other when organized together. In the spirit of the Kondo cleaning, a book made it onto the shelf according to whether it felt like it belonged.

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Husks and Helping Hands

Following on the last post, let me talk a bit more about what I mean when I say that the Sa’adia diagram might provide the basis for a better ontological account of what exactly is going on with the talk of qlippoth. If we look at the tree as a manifestation of the archetypal forces of creation interacting with an alien matrix that receives it (which isn’t Sa’adia’s point, but one to which his model well extends), then the alien matrix’s own being has to be taken into account. Far from a passive mirror, it responds to the archetypal forces of creation according to difficult to discern internal properties of its being.

On some level, if for no other reason than they are capable of interacting, we can grasp that there is a deep affinity between archetype and matrix. There are many dimensions to the matrix just as there are many dimensions to the archetype. Whether as a result of the interaction with the matrix, or on the basis of its own self-differentiation, the archetype manifests such that it develops multiple points of reflection on itself, the seeds of individual souls. Those seeds possess the same constituting properties of the archetype on a smaller scale.

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Ordering the Shelves: Geomancy

I really enjoy geomancy. During a few quiet years, I spent a lot of time in the library and online digging up whatever I could about the development and dispersion of the techniques. I have talked a little about this already, but what was most liberating to me was to appreciate how differently the practice could be applied and still, strangely, be the same.

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Cleaning and Contemplation: The Long Think

I haven’t posted in a while because I am thinking through what I want this space to be. I have been doing a bit of the Kondo clean and have found it invigorating on a number of levels and I want to carry through some of that to the less material aspects of my life, including this blog. I want to think a little about not just what I have been doing, but I want to be doing as an extension of what I do in my life otherwise.

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