[NB] Obscurity, Clarity, Piety

“No Buddhist would consider it worthwhile to pass from the crystalline clearness of his own religion to this involved obscurity.”—Charles Henry Allan Bennett to Aleister Crowley

“As I go up and down my stair and pass the gilded Moorish wedding-chest where I keep my “barbarous words,” I wonder will I take to them once more, for I am baffled by those voices that still speak as to Odysseus but as the bats; or now that I shall in a little be growing old, to some kind of simple piety like that of an old woman.”—W. B. Yeats, Per Amica Silentia Lunae (94)

These sorts of reactions are common and repeated again and again, enough so that I am fairly sure they are an integral part of the occult experience rather than outliers. They define its parameters–involved obscurity/barborous words, crystalline clarity, and simple piety. The movement from one to the other and back again. Stability in that motion is fairly difficult to achieve.

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