[NB] Mothers of the Nahua Netherworld

Following on the last post, it seems as good a time as any to pull some quotations from Sigal’s The Flower and the Scorpion. The first set of quotes follow on the discussion of the dead mother, focusing on the cihuateteo.

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Triplicities & Pairings

I have seen more than one person praise geomancy for its clarity, for its utility in answering questions clearly and directly. No doubt, this is one of the system’s virtues, especially when you transpose the reading onto an astrological frame. The passing of signs and their affiliations with each other provides reams of information about opportunities and obstacles.

That said, that clarity rests partly upon a fixed pattern of meanings and associations which contain a fair number of presuppositions about what is good and bad, strong and weak. Some cross-cultural comparison can be useful here, because the values of the signs shift somewhat between cultures.

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