[NB] Clever and Misleading


I chuckled a little when I first saw this, because it is a charming bit of wit to play the contrasts here, but almost immediately I also noticed the titles of the book of book on the Kabbalist’s lap. They don’t reference any specific Kabbalistic texts, they are just an assortment of the sefirot names, which sort of misses the point, almost as badly as the trend-chasing fauxballah student parodied in the strip. While the fauxballist’s ideas are transparently silly, as is their ignorance of the roots of the practice, the way in which the cartoon frames the contrast diminishes Kabbalism proper, too.

(Yes, I know, it is just a cartoon. And this is just a blog post using it as a jumping off point to make some basic points.)

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Book Shrine II

My writing head is mostly at noodle lately. I have been thinking about some bigger things, some of which I have already talked about here, others which are big and sweeping and a little scary. I don’t like to let the practice of writing here languish, so, yep, noodling it is. Let’s talk a little more about that book shrine.

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Book Shrine I

After I did the Kondo sweep of my book collection, I went through the books that I was keeping and pulled out a shelf’s worth of books to set aside. These were the books that were especially important to me, not necessarily for what they were in themselves, but for what the represented and for how they spoke to each other when organized together. In the spirit of the Kondo cleaning, a book made it onto the shelf according to whether it felt like it belonged.

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