Gnosis, or The Beam in the Eye

There is a big question that is difficult to get at that nonetheless needs to be addressed if I am going to talk about gnosticism. Namely: what is gnosis? I have an answer, but I also have an allusive sensibility, so please pardon me as I make some wide circuits through this question.

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Voicing Death

When the Blackstar video dropped, I was excited. The tonal depth of the video, it’s visual rubric, and it’s lyrical content hit me right where I live. I ran through that video a number of times, cutting it with earlier Bowie. I revisited the Space Oddity video, watched the 2000 performance of Ashes to Ashes, and set my analytical mind to parsing it out. I don’t want to pontificate over long, but I want to walk this down into my life a little ways. Hopefully this isn’t just adding to the pile.

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