That’s the Power of Love

Justin’s Book of Baruch affirmed Herakles as a prophet on par with the Biblical ones, a figure who was charged with bringing about the order of heaven on the earth. However, his conquest is prevented from coming to fruition by the intervention of one of the Mother’s angels, Omphale-Babel-Aphropite. According to the account of Justin that we have, this story is reported with all of the usual sexism that haunts gnosticism, but what happens if we read the story against the grain? I don’t mean simply tell it differently, but read the counter-story already entangled within the first.

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The sweep of a life

Okay, so I promised you some critical throat-clearing, right? Maybe I should say threatened rather than promised? Whatever the case, this is the first (and maybe last) exercise to that point. This is going to run a little long.

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