Cleaning and Contemplation: The Long Think

I haven’t posted in a while because I am thinking through what I want this space to be. I have been doing a bit of the Kondo clean and have found it invigorating on a number of levels and I want to carry through some of that to the less material aspects of my life, including this blog. I want to think a little about not just what I have been doing, but I want to be doing as an extension of what I do in my life otherwise.

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Anagoge, or Burning Words

The completion of yesterday’s post left me a little tired, common enough when something significant is discharged, but also out of sorts, which is usually a cue to me that I had not quite brought the work to completion. While drowsing on the bus, I caught myself snapping into awareness and heard someone say ‘anagogical’ very clearly, followed by a general laughter. The context became clear enough once I focused, but it was unnecessary; I had the message. What I was talking about yesterday was anagoge.

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