Geomancy: Gnomes, Cantombe, and Eleggua

Go big or go home, right? I’ve been having a useful discussion with Iago over on this post from a few days back and it’s getting complex enough that I want to start talking about some of the issues being raised as independent posts, some of them a bit long.

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A Vision: Intimacy versus Secrecy

The history of civilization is a river on whose waters soldiers and politicians are fighting and shedding ballots and blood; but on the banks of the river, people are raising children, building homes, making scientific inventions, puzzling about the universe, writing music and literature.–Will Durant

One of the charms of W. B. Yeats’s first effort to publish A Vision is its framing narrative, a work of fiction equal to the magical realists who would follow after him. The origin of that frame, though, derives from an injunction imparted by the spirits that the work as a whole was to remain secret. While George herself was opposed to the publication in general, the spirits made some allowances.

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Gnostic Circuit and Sympathetic Responses

I talked a little about the ceremonial-hermetic and spiritist circuits in the last post, but made an obvious ommission, the gnostic circuit. This circuit cuts straight through the heart of the coil and provides the backbone for pretty much all initiatory practices. Folks familiar with the Kabbalah will recognize this as the middle pillar, the straight road that joins Keter, Daath, Tifaret, Yesod, and Malkuth. No matter the initiatory circuits favored, the gnostic one will necessarily come into play. Activated, it will activate the entire coil in sympathy. This sympathetic activation is part of what leads to the confusion of circuits. A spiritualist who work activates Hod will have magician-like experiences but without having the tools to manipulate them properly, and vice versa.

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