Geomantic Pe (Venus, Friday, Right Ear)


Geomantic acquisitio.svg          Geomantic amissio.svg

Within the planetary circuit, Pe follows Dalet and precedes Resh. In the sequence of the week it follows Gimel and precedes Bet. Upon the plane of orifices that constitute the face, Pe defines the extension of the ears alongside Resh. Within the Tree of Life, it is the bottom double upon the pillar of mercy, crowned with Chesed and resting upon Netzach. In all of these assemblages, it finds expression through the geomantic figures of Acquisitio and Amissio.

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Acquisitio and Amissio, Synchrony of Heaven and Earth

If you divide a geomantic sign into upper and lower halves, you are confronted with a cosmological division between celestial (fire and air) and terrestrial (water and earth) each with their stimulating (fire and water) and generative (air and earth) elements. The division occurs cross-culturally, but my go-to model for that tends to be more like Lopez-Austin’s Mesoamerican model than anything else. Looking at Amissio and Acquisitio as a pair in this light reveals intriguing properties about the forces that gather around these signs.

This take is more cosmological than homespun than the last.

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[NB] Geomantic Contemplation: Writing, Speaking, Hunting

As I have continued to work with and study geomancy, I have noticed networks of meaning open up between signs. I’m never entirely sure where to position some of these networks. Some seem fairly personal, but others open up to much broader themes. Heck, I guess that’s the nature of things in general. The personal becomes impersonal becomes personal and so on.

The networks are rooted in all kinds of associations, but I want to write about one set that emerged for me between the two Draconises, Puella, and Puer. All of these signs share a common structural feature—they have one passive line and three active lines. As a set, they include all the geomantic signs with this feature.

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[NB] Geomantic Metaphors: Amissio and Acquisitio

I was thinking after the last post that it might be useful to talk a little about the place of metaphors in geomancy again. The core system is strictly mechanical and mathematical, but much of its force derives from relating the mechanical-mathematical signs to a parallel system of metaphors.

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[NB] Geomantic Genesis

Geomancy can be reasonably described as the movement exemplified by the relationship of Populus and Via, the differentiation of the singular from a diffuse and inchoate horizon exemplified in the addition of one and two. This makes Populus and Via the defining elements, the keystones. There are alternatives to that, though, and I want to note one such alternative here. This alternative appeals to me in part because it better suits the sensibility that animates much of the spiritual work that my geomantic work has guided.

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