[PSA] Slow down, Upcoming Series, Pages

So, I have a few plans for the coming weeks for this blog and I want to just give readers a little heads up on that. They may entail a little slow down in new material being posted and some restructuring of the pages. The blog as such shouldn’t change dramatically.

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[PSA] Taking Inventory

So, the last post was post 500. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it right away, except WordPress kindly throws that up as a notification. This blog has grown organically, messily, by accretion, and I have relied on links between posts to fill in the gaps in discussion that occur within a post. At 500 posts, though, I’m starting to wonder how much of that linking has turned into something of a tangle. It’s not like 500 posts in just under three years is all that dramatic, but it is enough to get fairly cluttered.

I am going to start moving through my archives her and thinking about where I have been and about the trajectories taken and untaken. I am not quite sure where that will go, but I’m still turning, turning, turning, and I am thinking about how to keep this site in sympathy with that. I am sorely tempted to start dropping some posts out of public rotation if they seem more signal than noise, but I am equally fond of keeping the mess around for the sake of fidelity. You may notice some changes or the work may remain entirely invisible from the outside.

All of this to say that you may see some changes going on here. If there is something you are looking for, something you saw but seems to have dropped away, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask after it.

[NB] More Reflections on Type: Elemental Functions?

I have talked a little here and there about the way in which each of Jung’s core functions (Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, and Sensation) can be mapped onto traditional elemental correspondences, but lately I have been thinking that the better comparison may be the elemental lines within the tree of life diagram. Admittedly, I have been thinking about them an awful lot, but there is a logic there that carries between the two systems and encourages me to think that Jung’s psychological types might flourish better in an occult or magical account of the psyche than in an academic psychology.

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[PSA] Edited Page, Pictures

Working through the Elemental lines of the Sefer Yetzirah made clear that I needed to update one of the geomancy pages a bit. I haven’t quite gotten a full revision done, but I’ve done some work toward that end. It’s a bit messy, really, updating as I learn, but I like having stable pages where that gets reflected, so for now I’m sticking to the plan of having stable pages that get edited to reflect improvements in my understanding.

This revision also saw the addition of diagrams. They are just photos of hand drawn material, but they are definitely an improvement over the wall of text. One of the three images is included below. It represents my current take of how to map a number of kabbalistic concepts onto the Gra diagram. Inset to the right are diagrams of each of the three kinds of lines (Elemental, Double, Mother) on their own, with the sefirot and klippot dotted in for reference.

A drawing of the tree of life as described in this essay. Sefirot are represented as blue squares, elemental lines are in red, double lines are in black, and mother lines are in gree.

[PSA] Bibliography

Okay, Iago asked after some sources on the recent pages, for interested readers to run down and I figured at the very least I could do a few things very quickly. I added a tiny bit of bibliography to the Sefer Yetzirah page (a kiss and a promise, nothing more, but hopefully useful in the sense of pointing at interesting materials) and a full bibliography page for the geomancy section of the site.

The geomancy bibliography…I really hesitated on it. I am a little embarrassed by it. A lot of that reading comes from a place of distrust and while I wouldn’t discourage anyone from reading and thinking hard about the history of anything, it’s really something quite else to just sit down and work geomancy. It isn’t even a complete record of the time I spent running through the archives!


Still, it may serve an interested reader and it does reflect something of my personal trajectory, so let this be in the spirit of honesty, even if somewhat uncomfortable honesty.