Addendum to Rethinking Astrological Priority

A recent post on the Blogos posed an alternative answer to what I was thinking about and it’s good, so I want to address how I diverge from it.

To come full circle one reading of the King sections of the SY, in response and addition to Io, is that it is directly referring to this ”cellular consciousness”esque approach to the SY, the Teli (Bola/Dragon) in the Universe are the genes in the nucleus (the king on his throne), the cycle of the year refers to the cell-cycle and therefore events in the cytoplasm (the king in his province) and finally the heart in the soul refers to how the cells interact/differentiate to form a realised body, the culmination of the genotype as the phenotype. The letters are quite literally a force of anti-time since everyone of us can trace them within us to the dawn of life itself.

I would talk about the genetic model a little differently. I would argue that the genes are the teli in the soul, the cell-cycle the year in the soul, and the phenotype the soul realizing itself as the soul. It is an important distinction, because the teli in the soul is still the teli of a king in the battlefield, which is why it is more susceptible to mutation and damage. The unfurling of evolution is the story of souls on the battlefield, but it is also the memory of those souls, the trace of their time, and their rebirth through new souls.

And I would probably suggest that the genetic material isn’t quite the soul itself, but the structure upon which the soul depends to articulate and develop itself in time, the king on his horse, if you will. I suspect part of what is going on in the golem working is the realization of that structure artificially, the construction of a temporary soul vessel for the continued to development of a soul, very possibly with the hope of retransmitting that soul back across the boundary of life and death where it will create subtle, rippling, effects in the soul of the teli.

(Which isn’t me disagreeing with Blogos about the golem; it’s more of a “and this too.”)

Meanwhile, the teli in the heavens proceeds more slowly its own year, develops its soul more slowly, but drawing up the souls fashioned in the battlefield to enrich and complicate itself. Which is why there are difficulties crossing certain astral boundaries, why there are guardians in play, because the soul of the teli seals itself off from the rapid time of the soul of the battlefield as much as possible.

So, we have three time scales (soul time, time-time, teli-time), joined and navigable by the letters which adjoin what I tend to think of as eternity, but anti-time is definitely a good word for it.

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