[NB] Solar System as Stage

The connection between time and motion is an old one. While popular imagination tends to romanticize the sharp break around our understanding of time before and after Einstein, Einstein’s notion of relativity reformulates this deep intuition more than it overturns it (which isn’t to downplay the significance and insight of that reformulation). I wonder a bit if what Einstein can be properly said to have overturned was a specific form of Enlightenment rationalism’s peculiar abstraction of space and time.

I’m rambling a little, but I’m rambling as a way of taking the measure, so bear with me. I have been thinking about the planets and the esoteric potencies they mediate. The relationship between the system of 7 and the system of 9 is definitely part of this, but in talking about the invisible planets Uranus and Neptune, my attention is drawn to the missing stars of Kabbalism who initiate the cycle of time, after whom the Bear begins to walk and turn the cycle of time. In other words, there seems to be a cycle of 7 and 9 in the solar system seems to play out something of the changes in the stars that initiate time, time being related to the motion that the planets manifest.

Almost like the entire solar system plays out in miniature a dynamic that begins in the stars, like the solar system is an intensification and exploration of the cycles of time which are initiated by the stars. The way in which the Sun anchors the solar system is a physical expression, yes, but there seems to be an esoteric dimension as well. The solar system is something like the stars thinking out their relationship at a higher speed, or an extended series of experiments to explore their relationships to each other.

That carries me interesting places, you see, because it helps me to navigate between two networks of constellations under the rubric of Justin’s Baruch and my own Mohaveh. Imagine, for a moment, that the dreaming of a family of stars shapes the present solar system and the planets are the intermediaries for those stars. The relationship between the stars and the solar system falls somewhere between transmission-communication and embodiment. The stars relay their dreaming through the planets, but they are also partially embodied in the planets.

Now, the bodies of the planets are receptive and the stars that shape the solar system are not the only ones out there dreaming. Somewhere along the way, another family of stars stumbles upon the solar system and discovers its capacity for being dreamed with. That family extends itself into the planets, too, perhaps unaware of the pre-existing signal, setting up patterns of interference and transformation that ripple through the solar system, especially through the lives of human beings who seem to have developed in sympathy with the receptiveness of the solar system.

So, on the one hand, we have Elohim-Orion (Mithras) and, on the other, Eden-Ursa Major. I suspect, too, we could map out the broad differentiation of Laurasian and Gondwana ethoi along this same axis, though I know little enough of that I can only broadly join it to my ideas. That what we are seeing are cosmic intelligences coming into consciousness, and stimulating the proliferation of consciousness in their wake, some of which are human consciousnesses.

Some of these forms of consciousness are capable of reconnecting to the greater intelligences that set them in motion, transforming and translating themselves into a new register. That the stellar system may just be one more register for something else, for some yet more subtle and esoteric powers…In the African-inflected forms of spiritism there is often a distinction made between spiritual workings that operate under the aspect of 7 and those that operate under the aspect of 9, suggested patterns of ancestral affinity that run in more than one direction, akin to the bifurcation between Orion and Ursa Major.

I don’t know, exactly, I’m just some strange person listening to the stars.

One thought on “[NB] Solar System as Stage

  1. Very good stuff here, lots to chew on.

    I think there’s this cool thing going on between implicate and explicate order when it comes to astrological and astronomical information. We’ve actually been left a set of packers and seeds: a set of seven wanderers, of nine wanderes of which two are only visible with aids; of twelve zodiacs; twenty-eight mansions of the moon; thirty-six Decans; and some 88+ constellations as well as hundreds of asterisms and named stars.

    But all of this is implicate: it’s presented in packet form in the materials from the classical era on, as I understand it. We’ve got a position or a course for a given object (we can know its velocity or location not both?), and an assemblage of meanings.

    But the job of the astrologist, the astropriest, the astromagus, the astrologer, winds up being the gardening of the seeds from implicate to explicate order— the astrologist figured out how to repackage the seeds for the next generation; the astrologer unpacks them as florilegia for the hopes of the present; the astromagus turns them into talismanic medicine; the astropriest identifies how to use them to feed congregations with symbolic and animist and spiritual meaning. But the implicate order has to remain essential in order for the seeds to be repurposed for different crops and different harvests.

    It doesn’t have to be this way of course. This is just how I am thinking about it these days.

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