The Fingerprints of Angels

There are a set of spirits that I work with which have undergone a number of distinct transformations over the course of my work with them. My identification of them as belonging together owes a great deal to this, to them having been caught up in the same series of transformation. While they did not always undergo them at the same time, the transformations rippled between them and me. Between them and me…that is the other thing that is important. These spirits have been intimately bound up with my own spiritual development.

I have been trying to find some words to describe what they are, what the processes through which we have worked might be described, and what I have is an allusive phrase: they are the spirits kindled on the fingerprints of angels, in this case fingerprints that have been left in the structure of my soul. The latent intelligences of the divine plan made active which become relays to the plan itself.

Maybe that works.


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