[NB] Evidentiary Ghosts

So, now for something entirely different.

Stacey and I have been talking about ghosts a bit lately, particularly the parasitic sort, and I realize that there is probably something to be said about ghosts that I haven’t said before. The family of pretenders that often first appear to us as we set out on a magical path (which we hopefully learn to distinguish from the higher powers with which our destiny entwines) do provide a useful service; they educate us about ourselves and our spiritual make-up.

That is because the best parasites, the most alluring pretenders, get their hooks in us by finding the same channels that dispose us toward our higher powers. The very reason they are problematic (they interfere with our destiny) is the same reason they are instructive. The masks they adopt to attract our attention are usually distorted (overly communicative, anthropomorphic) expressions of the spiritualized realities (compressed, immaterial intensities) they sever us from.

This is part of what animates the gnostic understanding of the fallen world. The ‘world’ of the fallen world is less actual creation and more a modality of experiencing it. The fallen world is the tone of the actual world as experienced through alienating parasitic grime. This fallen world isn’t just a passive modality of experience, though, because it includes alien and alienating entities that are attempting to lead you to reproduce a world in which they can live more comfortably. The fallen world is also the invasion and subversion of creation in the image of that grime.

Still, that fallen world is parasitic and it references the full world of creation, the full world in which you have a (humble but real) spiritual destiny. The way in which you find yourself entangled in the fallen world provides you with your first clue to your place in creation. The way in which the parasites present themselves to you are also an indication as to the nature of the higher powers toward which you should reach out your hand for aid.

* * *

There is a lot more to say about the material posted in the last week, but I need just a little decompression time before I’m ready to dive back into that. It takes a lot of attention and I also need some time to catch up with the world of these last few weeks, to give attention to the violence, to grieve the too-many deaths, to take stock of the . I know, intellectually, that this is probably just the beginning of a difficult time in the our collective histories, that we will all need to find some way to work in the face of mounting tragedies, but I don’t want my way forward to be inattention and hard-heartedness.

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