[NB] Geomancy: Some Historical Bibliography

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I hesitated about posting this. It is tangential to the development of my personal geomantic practice and mostly reflects a time in my life when I had a time on my hands and needed a distraction. I have had a request for more bibliographical information, though, and it is a part of my intellectual development.

This bibliography represents a meaningful cross-section of the material that I have read in an effort to develop some sense of how geomantic techniques developed and circulated historically. It isn’t a full bibliography of my reading, but it’s definitely a substantive portion of it.

Most of this material relates directly to geomantic practices, while some of it relates to (1) individuals and groups that might have participated in the circulation of geomantic practices, (2) historiographic material informing how intellectual practices develop in dialogue with each other, or (3) scientific conceptions of the evolution of language and religion that inform the transmission of ritual practices, especially those like geomancy.

Works on various facets of West African culture predominate, reflecting where I first encountered geomancy as well as my general sense that West Africa represents one of the richest and most vital centers of the practice.

Inclusion does not constitute endorsement.

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