Once a month, for the last three months, my Saturdays have looked much like this:

IMG_0961It doesn’t look like much, but that’s a lot of divination, prayer, and contemplation laid out on that floor. I began in the morning and spent hours into the afternoon talking through things with spirit. That is one of the things that I have hard time expressing with my discussions here about geomantic work; the signs are a vessel for spirit to speak, a vehicle into which their voice can enter, and that isn’t always the same thing as interpreting the signs according to prescribed meanings. The rules for the generation of these signs and their transmission along the lines all play a part in the message and form a piece with the interpretive work that follows.

I suspect that tells you more about my spiritual temperament and court than anything else. Still, so much of the work is finding what works with and for you.

The summary of that work looks something like:

Three Months of Walking Down the Elemental Lines
Three Months of Walking Down the Elemental Lines with Geomantic Conversation

The titles are spirit talk, so they serve to reveal and conceal; vessels again. I recall Blogos talking about decompressing spirit communication and sometimes fertile obscurities like this seem to be about the compression algorithm. You (I, at least) pull them in ritual, compact and dense, then let them unfold outside of it in your life. Some of the rules you can make out int he chart, but some of the rules have to do with the generation of signs on each level, occurrences which give special meaning to seemingly identical moments on the diagram.

This sort of experience makes me a little suspicious of baroque ritual practices; the simple, the humble also seems to be particularly good at compression and transmission. The more baroque and elaborate things get, the more likely it is that I will start wondering if I’m running into noise instead of signal, or if I’ve glitched the signal and instigated a bad loop. No hard and fast rules, though, just a sense to run with.

I have been talking about this and will be talking about this, but I wanted to show a little of the work, even if the pictures are a poor representation of the time and effort with which they intersect. It doesn’t often feel like that work is meant to be shared someplace like this, but this little bit here feels right.

Strange times we’re living in, no? Take and nourish care. Be well.

3 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. I’ve been working my way through your book list challenge, and in taking up the geomancy aspect of it seriously was struggling from some of your more theoretical posts from that frame. A Recitation of Ifa provided good background, but the material I’m finding on European/Arabic geomancy doesn’t have as rich a collection of public lore to riff on.

    This post actually helps in confirming the material lines I was following. Thank you!

    1. Io

      Yeah, it’s frustrating because geomancy is so important to me, but I am often dissatisfied with what I am able to articulate about that. My recent dip back into the Jungian typology is partly about diagnosing and straightening out that issue, because I am considering if part of that frustration has to do with running the geomantic discussion through a different wire than the one that I actually work with geomancy.

      I know I’m doing that with all of my stuff here, but the geomantic line is itself a kind of discussion and communication, so it ends up being a little tangled. The geomantic meanings like you find in European and Arabic discussions are important, but they are very bony, eviscerated even, boiled down, and letting some flesh and light wind their way around them seems to be part of the work. I have fond memories of one set of signs (concentric circles like you see above have been my go-to for a lot [not all] of this work) just laughed, that it’s first ‘message’ was the floor and the sign bubbling with laughter.

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