[NB] Not just a fall

I repeat myself, I know, but in part I do it to hear what has changed, and in part because it’s useful for potential first-time visitors to have a summary post that isn’t buried in the archives. So here we go.

I don’t think it is uncommon, at all, for people who get involved in negotiating whatever it is the planetary powers represent to identify the way in which this or that planet has left their mark upon them. Under the right circumstances, it is easy enough to identify a particular planetary potency or set of potencies as “ours,” as having a long, well-established function in the unfolding of our lives both mundanely and magically.

Someone can say that they are Jupiterian or Venusian, Mercurial or Martian, and we have an idea of what that means. When those potencies interact in specific ways in their spiritual constitution, we can get a pretty good idea of what that means, too, if we can establish the priority of the elements involved. We can do this astrologically, we can do this geomantically, and how we do it probably has some impact on the way in which the person’s constitution is identified and with how it is developed. Careful who you trust with your self.

I don’t disagree with folks who also emphasize that we also need to stretch our magical muscles doing work that draws us into the circuit of other potencies, though I increasingly suspect that the manner in which we do this work, and the nature of our encounters with these other potencies, has much to do with those that most define us. If we are strung together with Jupiter, then we are going to proceed and integrate according to one set of principles, whereas if we are strung together with Saturn, we would proceed along another.

[And here, to be clear, I think the planets are short hand for deeper mysteries, ones that the planets in a stricter sense share with us rather than one which they bequeath to us.]

One of the magical virtues of incarnation may lie precisely in the opportunity it affords us to have these sorts of encounters with other potencies. We may, as Plato imagines, yearn to return to the circuit of forms racing after our specific god, but we can approach our time here as more than a crash landing. What does not mix in the heavens, mixes here.

I have said things like this often enough, I guess, but I haven’t emphasized so much the corollary, namely that our most intense spiritual encounters may derive precisely from what is alien to us from the perspective of our celestial constitution. This is another way to parse out the image of the hieros gamos, which is an image of encountering what is other and undergoing a transformation thereby.

This is gnosticism by way of the market. It isn’t just a matter of escaping home, but a question of what you are able to bring back with you. Given that so much of what we are must be stripped away in death, it seems that what remains is whatever transformations you are able to bring about in your essence.

Okay, and saying this all again, I would daresay it isn’t quite good enough to encompass what I am trying to do anymore. Very good then, let’s draw a line under this and plan to start from the top, shall we?

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