[NB] Thoughts, from Jove to Justin

A few things that might make their way into posts of their own, but which might not, and then a few links to things that are resonating with all this. Proper notebooking.

(1) Seeing the second round of Gordonian v. Jasonian (or should that be Whitian v. Millerian? or Millerite? Jeez, I don’t know) Jove, I realize that while my previous view hasn’t changed, there are ways in which it has been refined in a few ways. First, from the perspective of the Sefer Yetzirah, there is definitely a ‘they are both right’ sort of answer which is more fundamental than my previous answer.

Jove qua Jupiter the planet appears within the SY as a double, which means it is a potency that is inherently dyadic, with twin manifestation regulated and manifested according to whether or not the letter joined to it is pronounced with hard or soft. Jupiter can be kind and beneficent, but it can also hammer down all those pesky nails (i.e., plebes and peasants) so hard they won’t know what hit them.

There is also a refinement to the many Jupiters dimension of my previous answer. It is asking after the ‘heroic’ substrate that animates the different manifestations of Jove. What heroic forces animate the monarchy? Well we can ask after that pretty easily, can’t we, because they have a pretty straightforward genealogy with which to answer that.

(2) Where has the Refutation of All Heresies been my whole life? I’m not really complaining, mind you, because so much of what I appreciate about it derives from the present state of my understanding, but how about this from the Justin’s Book of Baruch (not to be confused with any of the extant Books of Baruch):

“These are the names of the Father’s angels: Michael, Amen, Baruch, Gabriel, Esaddaios… [missing text, so other seven’s names not known] The names of the Mother’s angels, made by Eden, are Babel, Achamoth, Naas, Bel, Belias, Satan, Sael, Adonaios, Kauithan, Pharaoh, Karkamenos, and Lathen….Paradise is the combined total of these angels….The angels are allegorically referred to as trees of this paradise. The Tree of Life is Baruch….The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is Naas.”—Refutation of All Heresies, translated by M. David Litwa (337)

I want to dwell on that for a moment. Each angel is a tree, suggestive of a complicated relationship between the elements of the tree of life diagram and the angel that it describes, the angel that to which it manifests a connection.

Or this one:

“When all had been created, as is written by Moses—heaven, earth, and their inhabitants—the twelve angels of the Mother were divided into four kingdoms, and each quadrant they possessed was called a river: Pheison, Geon, Tigris, and Euphrates…. These twelve angels rove around the four quadrants, make close ties with each other, and administer the world…. They do not always remain in the same place but travel round, as it were, in a cyclical dance, changing places and yielding to each other for set times and intervals the regions assigned to them. [i.e., the twelve angels are tied to the cycles of the Zodiac].”—Ibid. (341)

Three angels in a ‘river,’ four ‘rivers’ (named after what we would call the Nile, Ganges, Tigris, and Euphrates), and the Zodiac makes for an interesting parallel with the three diamonds in the Gra diagram, each composed of four channels, each with connections to the Zodiac. Not identical in its execution by any stretch, but clear evidence of this old root structure manifesting in certain forms of gnosis.

It also makes for an interesting way to model the ‘war’ that is ascribed to these lines, because in Justin’s Baruch, at least two of the angels are paired off in conflict with each other (Baruch and Naas) based on their common position within the two angelic hierarchies (the third of the Father and the third of the Mother).

(3) Which makes this post of Alexandra’s especially charming as a little synch, since it brings together the Jovial and the Zodiacal, mothers and fathers, in its own fashion.

(4) This piece by Frater Acher which affirms the deep roots of magic in mystery, most especially the mystery of life and death and what comes next, which can get lost in the hurly-burly internet concerns over ‘doing it right’ and ‘getting results.’ Magic as mystery religion.

(5) We’ve just past the anniversary of Laika‘s return, of the re-entry of Sputnik 2 which consumed her heavenly remains and scattered her over the earth. 58 years ago. Space animals, mothers, and that question of what we trample under foot to grow.

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