In the Middle, Again

I’m keenly aware of being on another cusp in my work, both in my personal practice and in my expression of that practice here. I’m not sure where that is going to lead (I rarely do), though I have come to trust that it will be less dramatic in many of the ways I imagine it could be and more dramatic in the ways that I don’t expect it to be. Funny, that.

One of the things that I notice about these times is that while I end up posting less here for a short spell around the cusp, I am often writing (and rewriting) more, reading more, engaging in a basically scholarly, philosophical, and critical enterprise.

The philosophical scholasticism…that always becomes heightened at these points. I am writing more philosophically, more critically, and while that turns up some useful tidbits, I am generally very dissatisfied with this material. It’s not exactly dishonest, but it abuts dishonesty. My current modus operandi is to accept that and work through it, but sharing it overmuch starts to feel like I am holding on to what I need to slough off.

That may be the root of the sense of dishonesty, actually. I am using the scholasticism to create distance and alienate myself from material that needs to be released. The dishonesty may be a function and feature rather than a bug.

I suspect part of this cycle may be appreciating that more clearly, coming to terms with the scholastic as a tool, one that I may have somewhat less use for in the next loop. We’ll see.

I won’t inflict too much navel-gazing upon you, but I do like to let folks know when I am feeling the wind change, when the currents may be taking me off in a different direction. Though, if the last few years of keeping this blog have taught me anything it is that most of my changes in direction are changes in depth and focus rather than radical departures.

Take care, folks.

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