[NB] Dancing and Singing

Okay, well, if I had any questions whether I was on the right track with the last post’s experimentation, I don’t anymore. It has been a useful few days of vigorous communication, the sort where I am struggling to keep up with what is being relayed as I am trying to formulate some kind of response to ti. This morning’s dreams pushed me up early and writing, clarifying what the facial configuration meant, and then dropped something into my lap that, well, I’m not quite sure what to do with yet. The proverbial one to grow on, I imagine.

(Or, alternately, the one to make it clear that even with a little more light, I’m still muddling.)

I woke up with Moses, Virgin Mary, Ishtar, David Bowie, Tammuz, and Tori Amos streaming through my head and ended the morning with Enoch-Idris. That’s the funny thing about this work, right? The spirit rattles the whole cage. Algebra for dogs and all that. Of course, it’s not just spirit, either, it’s me, holding onto the cage and shaking right back.

At least one of the questions here is one of the relationship of the Sumerian-Babylonian material as it develops and flowers through Kabbalism understood in its broadest sense and the way in which that material relates to the Hermetica. The issue of redemption contra restoration, the nature of the fall into a time that is different than the holographic time of the demiurge who thinks itself creator, and the nature of the spirits that rush into the fray. Old, perpetual issues for me, but in what seems like an even clearer voice.

It is all in stages of inchoate, but as I start to fashion it into something more coherent, I’ll talk more about it. No need to bore you with the rambling. I just wanted to leave a trace of the ragged edge of my thinking for the record.

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