[NB] Writ Upon the Face

So, after the talking around potential connections between the doubles and the face, I sat down and started to work through them to feel out the letters. I went straight to the letters, bypassing the planetary correspondences for now (three witnesses, separately He created them).

This was a pretty simple stuff. I sketched the outline of a face using the doubles on a thin piece of paper which I could then hold up to the light, letting my face receive the letters revealed through the page. My projected models weren’t so good. The letters I imagined to belong didn’t really alight upon my face (too clever by half? Perhaps, but too early yet to be sure), so I started from scratch and looked at the seven doubles one by one, to feel where they alighted.

I held onto Bet and the mouth even when it was causing problems completing the work because I really liked it conceptually and visually, but the full face wouldn’t come alive without letting that darling go. So, here is the arrangement that served me:

Gimel in the mouth.
Bet in the right nostril.
Tav in the left nostril.
Dalet in the right eye.
Pe in the left eye.
Kaf in the right ear.
Resh in the left ear.

I obviously can’t say whether this would work as well for someone else as it did for me, or if the variation relates to some contingent factor like temperament or time or place (etc.) of the work, but I would be curious to hear if others have done similar experiments and what their results were.

When I talk about the letter alighting, I mean that it seemed to enliven my sense of that aperture and when every letter alighted, my whole head hummed. Light seemed brighter, the nostrils and sinuses more open, sounds sharper, the air seemed fresher in my mouth and felt more connected to the rest of my body.

There seems to be a good bit of connection between the paired apertures (quelle surprise), such that there seems to be some easy permutations between them (e.g., Kaf to the left ear, Resh to the right ear), but those immediately changed the tone of the alighting, made them weightier and harsher. I find that interesting since that mirros harsh/soft possibilities of the double letters’ pronunciation, albeit in a different register. I’ll be curious to see if anything else shakes out.

This will require a little thinking on my part. figure out if there are similar ways of feeling out the other witnesses as regards the doubles, think a little. A different, more experimental sort of thinking my be required.

I tried Saadia’s arrangement afterward and, interestingly, Bet felt a little more alive in my mouth than it had before, but it still didn’t have the intensity of Gimel.

5 thoughts on “[NB] Writ Upon the Face

  1. When you talk about alighting what angle were you holding them to? Try rotating them 90 degrees.

    The problem is with this type of assessment is even at full speed you are looking at 7 hrs continuous meditation to get through it. Obviously it would be very difficult for you to compare and contrast the first with the last as I would imagine you would be exhausted and delirious by then.

    In my own work with this I felt that particular letters resonated with me because of my own horoscope. Have you worked with the letters before in this way – is this the first letter meditation or just the first meditation on letters and faces? Sorry to ask I am just not sure where you are at in Kabbalistic work! Gimel is an intense letter for me too, I am not sure if that intensity is connected to the facial exercise here.

    1. Io

      No need to apologize–that’s a reasonable question. This isn’t my first time contemplating the letters, just the first time sitting down with the facial assignments. What I did here was use the sketching to taste the different arrangements in order to find the arrangement(s) that welcomed lengthier work.

      I don’t know how other people experience it, but when I do this sort of work, I tend to find that the letters tend to come in constellations. I started with Alef a while back, but almost immediately Mem and Shin presented themselves alongside Alef. It was similar with the doubles, in the sense that once I started with one, the others gathered to it. It makes the diagonals a bit intimidating–12 letters are no small thing.

      Gimel intrigues me, in part because it seems to be, for the lack of a better word, serving as something of a harbinger for the twelve.

  2. And did you try the rotation by 90 degrees so Resh, Beit etc fit over/under things like the arch of the ear, the palate, the eye socket? Try it thee might like it. I am assuming that letters will resonate when they are meditated on regardless of their position if your horoscope inclines that way – again I am trying to find the baseline.

    I have worked a great deal with Gimel – as the spirit-letter of Jupiter in my work with that current. The rich man running to give to the poor not only speaks of mercy, kindness, forgiveness and love but also *the concentration gradient* and the endosomes.

    1. Io

      I did some of that with my first efforts (the letters seems to rotate fairly naturally to the ears) but I haven’t tried it yet in a more robust fashion. I’m giving myself a little cool down and process time after the last round–there are a few more things I need to unpack from the results and my divinations are definitely giving me the “take a breath” messages.

      It’s funny, I experience so much of what people identify as Jupiterian under the rubric of Venus, and I’m wondering if it has to do with what the myth of Inanna stealing the Mes from Enki is meant to express.

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